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Bargain Direct – about us

Welcome to, a 21st-century alternative to endlessly searching around online or in real-life shops just looking for the best deals and special offers. Bargain Direct is a website devoted to collecting and selling product from online merchants, but not just any product: No, at Bargain Direct, you’ll find nothing at retail price.

Everything listed herein is posted for immediate giveaway, at clearance prices and/or clear savings over the more well-known websites and shops.

Bargain Direct staff is employing in culling information from thousands of consumer websites through a combination of software technology and straight-up sifting through reams of data – It’s all in the nature of the bargain-hunting biz, though, we well realize, for bargain deals and discount coupons can take many forms.

Rest assured, however, that whether the item you seek is marked for clearance, simply carries a sale price, comes with special promotional giveaways, or represents the single-best savings within the industry, you’ll find it on Bargain Direct.

Altogether the team at Bargain Direct has accumulated nearly five decades’ worth of experience in internet programming, sales and marketing. And so, along with the best deals available anywhere online, Bargain Direct also seeks to provide our website with quality customer-support infrastructure that many of our partnering vendors don’t or just can’t offer.

Sale prices, savings, even giveaway offers combined with knowhow and creativity: That’s Bargain Direct, and boy, have we got a deal or two for you.